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    Preserving Historic Buildings in
    Beaufort South Carolina Since 1965

    Founded in 1711, Beaufort, South Carolina, located in the heart of the Carolina Lowcountry midway between Charleston and Savannah, harbors a rich repository of 18th and 19th century houses with remarkable architectural variety. Historic Beaufort Foundation is a non-profit organization charged with the mission to preserve, protect and restore buildings and sites of historic or architectural significance in Beaufort County.

    Please remember that Historic Beaufort Foundation is a membership organization, and memberships are critical to helping continuing our work. If you're interested in becoming a member or would like to renew, please call 843-379-3331 or click here.


  • Upcoming Events

    Fall Festival of Houses and Gardens

    2014 Fall Festival will take place on October 24, October 25, and October 26

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  • Historic Beaufort Foundation

    2014 Fall Festival of Houses & Gardens

    October 24th, October 25th and October 26th

    fall festival poster 2014
    Tickets for the Fall Festival of Houses and Gardens are now on sale! You can purchase tickets on-line by CLICKING HERE, by calling 843.379.333 or by stopping at the HBF office located at 208 Scott’s Street, Beaufort, SC – right behind the Verdier House! All tickets are $45.00 each.

    Friday, October 24, 2014 is a “Walk around Beaufort” featuring 7 locations all in walking distance!

    “Ramble around Beaufort” on Saturday, October 25, 2014 takes you a little farther with both in town and driving locations.

    Come out on Sunday, October 26, 2014 for the “Kitchen and Cuisine” tour with local chefs creating regional specialties in each home! The “Kitchen and Cuisine” tours fill up quickly so early reservations are suggested.

    P.S. The 2014 poster featured above is also available for $20 either on line or at the HBF office at 208 Scott’s Street!

    Diorama of 1863 Bay Street Exhibit

    Diorama Photo 1
    Beaufort Hotel, Adams Express, and Post Office, on Bay Street, 1863, Diorama Photo.

    A scale model diorama of 1863 Bay Street is displayed on the ground floor of the Verdier House, 801 Bay Street.
    The exhibit is open free to the public 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

     Historic Beaufort Foundation is bringing History to the Streets!!


    Historic Beaufort Foundation offers bronze plaques to property owners wishing to commemorate or honor the history of their structure. Each hand-cast bronze plaque is a 7” x 10” oval that includes the date of construction, the historic name of the property and Historic Beaufort Foundation’s name. An additional 8” x 11” bronze rectangle with a short descriptive history is available at additional cost to those who want more information provided. 176 characters are included on the rectangular plaque; additional characters are 50 cents each. Price will be adjusted at time of order.

    To educate the general public about the City of Beaufort’s and Beaufort County’s architectural history.

    Historic structures that are 50 years old or older and are designated by Historic Beaufort Foundation as contributing to Beaufort’s architectural history.

    Complete an application form and submit your request to Historic Beaufort Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to determine the eligibility of a property. Information provided on the plaque will be reviewed for approval by Historic Beaufort Foundation and will be edited to organization standards.


    7” x 10” oval -   $210.95 (includes shipping & research)

    7” x 10” oval - $260.95 (includes one-year membership, shipping & research)

    7” x 10” oval $210.95 (includes shipping & research)
    8” x 11” additional rectangle if desired $321.00 (includes shipping & research)
    $531.95 total

    7” x 10” oval $260.95 (includes one-year membership, shipping & research)
    8” x 11” additional rectangle if desired $346.00 (includes one-year membership, shipping & research)

    Cost to be paid by the applicant after the plaque text is approved and before the plaque is manufactured. Shipping is included except where specified otherwise.

    Click Here for Residential Order Form


    Historic Beaufort Foundation offers bronze plaques to commercial property owners wishing to commemorate or honor the history of their building. Each hand-cast bronze plaque is a 7” x 10” oval that includes the date of construction, the historic name of the property and Historic Beaufort Foundation’s name. The cost of the oval plaques is:

    HBF Members 7” x 10” oval $210.95 (includes shipping)

    HBF Non-members 7” x 10” oval $260.95 (includes one-year membership & shipping)

    An additional 8” x 11” bronze rectangle is available from Beaufort 300, a project that established historic markers in the Waterfront Park during the City of Beaufort’s Tricentennial. The rectangular plaques will contain a short descriptive history of the building.

    The first 50 commercial property owners who order will receive the additional rectangle as a donation from Beaufort 300. Beaufort 300’s name will appear on the rectangular plaques.

    Shipping and research fees are:

    With the oval
    Shipping: $25
    Research $0

    Without the oval
    Shipping: $25
    Research: $100

    Historic Beaufort Foundation has been designated by Beaufort 300 to:
    Administer the process
    Be responsible for the content of the historical plaques
    To verify the content for historical accuracy
    To be responsible for corrections to the content based on error

    Cost shall be paid by the applicant after the plaque text is approved and before it is manufactured. Shipping is included except where specified otherwise.

    Click Here for Commercial Order Form

    Learn Beaufort’s Civil War History at the Verdier House Artifacts, models and photographs abound

    Planter001-FINISHED MODELModel of USS Walbash

    The Verdier House collection of scale models related to local Civil War history has been expanded to include the USS Wabash, the ship that led the November 1861 invasion of Port Royal Sound. The Wabash was just seven years old when it steamed into Port Royal Sound and changed the lives of Sea Islanders forever.

    The Wabash joins scale models of the SS Planter and the Robert Smalls House both of which played roles in the life of Robert Smalls, a slave-turned-Civil War hero from Beaufort who went on to become a state and U.S. legislator and powerful local politician. All three models are the creations of Dennis Cannady, a scale model craftsman, retired mechanical engineer and Civil War enthusiast.FLAG CONSERVATION BVA mod

    The Beaufort Volunteer Artillery Battle Flag

    Other items of interest to Civil War aficionados include the battle flag of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, which was called to fight in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War and World Wars I and II. It was eventually absorbed into the S.C. National Guard and is the antecedent of the Beaufort unit.
    Spearheading the assault on Port Royal Sound, the Wabash led the largest invasion fleet yet organized by the U.S. Navy, containing 77 vessels and 16,000 Army troops under Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sherman. Following the furious four-hour battle, the Wabash led the battle line.
    Once Beaufort was occupied by Union troops, Civil War photographer Samuel Cooley set up shop here on Craven Street and a large collection of his photos illustrating the occupation of Bay Street are also exhibited.
    The BVA flag, the centerpiece of an exhibit on the history of the military unit, hasn’t been seen in Beaufort for 115 years. It was badly damaged and deteriorated when it was given to the Confederate Relic Room in Columbia in 1896 by the unit’s second Civil War captain, Dr. Henry Middleton Stuart. It was returned to Beaufort in the fall of 2011.
    The flag, designed and sewn by the women of Beaufort, was presented to the local militia on George Washington’s Birthday in 1858. War clouds were gathering and the women used the occasion to present the BVA with its “colors” for use in anticipated battles with the North.
    Sacred to the troops, “colors” were carried as rallying points and inspiration to follow into battle. Seriously damaged during the Battle of Port Royal Sound, the flag was mended by BVA soldiers who carried it through the rest of the war. At the surrender of BVA troops in 1865, one of the soldiers wrapped himself with it instead of giving it to Union forces, thereby claiming it was unsurrendered.
    Restoration of the flag was sponsored by HBF and Gen. Richard H. Anderson Camp #47 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Many of its members trace ancestral ties to the BVA. The Gen. Stephen Elliott Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and private individuals also contributed to the restoration.
    The Verdier House at 801 Bay Street is open Mondays – Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., with tours given on the half hour; closed Christmas and New Year’s days.

    Admission is free to HBF members, active military and children; $10 for adults. Purchase of a membership includes a free tour.

    Call 379-6335 for information.